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Cuba is on the brink of a phenomenal economic expansion. Over the next decade and providing the Cuban government gets on board, Cuba could become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With untapped riches and resources and a new booming tourism industry, Cuba's trade gap would shrink and become positive, bringing wealth to Cuba and Cubans alike.

Global investors have had their eyes firmly on Cuba for a while. Meanwhile, the worlds tourism industry are gearing up for a Cuban tourism explosion. Many other companies, including tourism support, manufacturing and supply are also waiting in the wings for a Cuban investment.

But, the success of this will be determined by two factors. As in most countries - the government is the first. Its antiquated and extremely bureaucratic system is far from supportive of or grasping this new economic growth. The second factor is obviously America's anti Cuba stance, which is long overdue to be eradicated. What may have happened back in the cold war days is no longer applicable in the 21st century.

Its going to need progressive and positive leadership decisions, with futuristic vision. There is no point allowing tourism to expand if support industries are not available due to old concepts, as that would be detrimental to the overall Cuban tourism industry due to unsatisfied tourists creating bad reviews.

If the Cuban government embraces this wonderful opportunity to bring economic wealth to Cuba and supports commerce, industry and investors, then Cuba could become not just a global tourism magnet, but a powerful economic force in the Caribbean.

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