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One of the most important promotional aspect of promoting tourism in Cuba is to have a good tourism board and website.

Before travellers book a Cuban holiday, the first thing they do is research on Google. Not just the hotel but the local town along with its history, amenities and people.

Its therefore important that local Cuban areas, cities and towns are well represented and achieving their promotion is included in all tourism budgets. As finding that information could mean making or breaking the potential tourists decision to visit Cuba.

With so many millions of blogs and pages about Cuba and its cities and towns on Google, all publishing their personal interpretations whether positive or negative, its vitally important that a government or tourist board has some control over what is read. This can only be achieved by ensuring their own site or page features prominantly in Google as a central information portal on local areas, towns and cities. And that what a potential Cuba tourist reads is enticing, informative and factual.

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